Choosing Shipping As My Career

Aman Pandey, GP-I

15 Jun 2016

Shipping as the name rightly suggests involves various activities from ship-building, fleet management, ship operations, gathering various types of cargoes and moving them across the globe to hundreds of pre-determined destinations. This involves careful planning, management and execution at every stage. The end product being, effective delivery of goods, globalization of commerce, with its hefty dividends and profits. For the ship’s compliments shipping spells out, an opportunity, to multiply one’s assets and to visit various ports of different countries the world over, while encountering various challenges and hardships all way through.

From my early childhood until now I have cherished a strong fascination for a career at sea. It’s a dream that I never want to surrender because I have a strong desire for it. For years I nursed a dream that ‘I wanted to become a sailor.’ to squeeze each of my muscle and mingle my sweat with the salinity of the sea. I wanted to become a sea dog and therefore my father advised me to join a Pre Sea Training Course.

From the first day I joined the training until now, I learned a lots of new things and wonders from my instructors. A desire to learn more and more is burning me from within like an unquenched flame. Yes, I want to learn everything that will bring success in my life as a seafarer.

It is often said, “Doing a different thing tissot t-race replica watches in life is what separates one from the crowd.” But I want to tell them, that: ‘Doing a different thing is the only way that one can achieve personal perfection. Surely, a career in shipping can lead me towards such perfection of my personal ability and enhancement of my assets. After joining this training, my life took a different shape and definition. Because, when I attempt to do some hard work with full passion and dedication, then that hard work becomes a stepping stone to make my dream come true – to be a seafarer. I particularly enjoyed my training because of the practical exercises imposed on us by our instructors. They share with us the secrets of the trade which they themselves learnt during their training and moreover during their service afloat on various ships. Their experience and expertise makes our learning a much easier process.

It is much easier to visualize our lives on board ship after obtaining our C.D.C. But at the back of such visualization, there lie all those rolex replica interesting things that we learned during our STCW TRAINING. The STCW training contains information about principles of safety of life on board ship. It has raised our knowledge and standard to the level of international seafaring community. It means that we are now prepared to face most emergent situations on board and how to deal with it.

Someone has rightly said: Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy. It is my greatest ambition to join an oil tanker, because they say that an ‘oil tanker is a very easy, safe and comfortable ship as long as one observes all the safety principles in one’s own life, while serving on an oil tanker. These safety principles, I learnt at the STCW training.

It is my passion, to handle machines, to repair them and to rectify them on the ship. Because machines are like organs of the ship. It is an array of machines that provide every power on the ship. So I want to be the part of that power producing department – I want to become a Marine Engineer. Because as an engineer, there is a chance and a rare privilege of watching and monitoring the powerful machines dutifully obey your command in perfect rhythm and synchrony.

I would spend my spare time watching the somersaults of those friendly dolphins in the deep blue sea and the flying fishes diving across waves and ripples as well. Gazing above at the grayish blue sky, I would admire at various star patterns – the so called constellations and think about the mighty Omega De Ville Ladymatic replica watches artistic hand of the Creator. I imagine myself, standing on the deck all by myself, watching the recurrent waves which seem to whisper to me something and arouse my silent heart. The sky above me will remind me about its vastness and splendor. I’ll try to be contented with myself and should anything depress me I will be remember that:

As long as every dusk brings you a dream,
As long as every dawn fetches you a hope,
Remember there is a bit of life in between,
That was formed by the Almighty with a purpose.
All those beads of sweat adorning one’s forehead
Shows us the road, we must ceaselessly tread.
To a destination, where effort and success can be paired.

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