Blood Donation Camp

Sagar Gupta GPI

15 Jun 2016

I am Sagar Gupta. I am a G.P.Trainee at Sea Scan Maritime Foundation at Chicalim-Goa. Driven by a strong passion, to join merchant ships and sail over various seas and oceans to explore their beauty and also to discover their might and fury, I had decided that I should make the sea – my career. I understand that great navigators like Vespucci Amerigo, Chistopher Colombus, Vasco-da-Gama, omega replica and others of such proven ability. They too might have been beckoned, by the same whisper of the wind and the rumble of the sea. So, I came and joined this esteemed academy on the 1st January 2016, to obtain the issu the C.D.C and thereafter to pursue my career at sea.

Initially I was disturbed by the disciplined way of living in academy. Every activity here has a time constraint. Having used to live like a free bird at my home town, the routine at Sea Scan was a sort of clipping my wings and curtailing my freedom. Therefore during the first 10 days here, I thought to myself that I had taken a very wrong decision for my life by joining this maritime training. But slowly, as time rolled by, I started to take a liking towards what we were being taught in theory in practical handling. We were being taught little secrets of maritime profession, by our faculties and instructors. They are very strict in all respects. But it is their strictness that is going to shape and groom us to be good and worthy seafarers, and brighten our careers at sea

Half way through the completion of my course, I had an opportunity to ‘donate blood’ for the first time in my life. I felt proud and chivalrous at the thought that a small sacrifice in drop my life could go a long way in saving someone else life with my blood - though a little gesture but a valiant decision. The Blood Donation Camp was organized in collaboration with the Goa Medical College – Bambolim as part of the celebration of the 53rd National Maritime Day. In all 29 cadets of Sea Scan had donated blood. Now I have decided to donate my blood once in three months while in India. It will help some needy people in an emergency. Through the curriculum of this training, I have learned to understand that shipping life is not so easy and yet a highly respected profession with sizeable income. I would suggest to all the budding youngster to choose a shipping career for themselves and with their hard work accumulate wealth and attain position in society.

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