Satyam Tripathi - CCMC - Roll No. 4020

09 Apr 2016

By:Satyam Tripathi, Roll No: 4020 / CCMC
Friends! I always dreamt of seeing beautiful places, in different countries of the world. I therefore, had joined this training academy to receive training in C.C.M.C department. Our course involves lots of practical study- preparing various recipes in the syllabus. In addition, lots of class-room instructions - Here we are given the training of all sorts and to give us the idea of a ship we were led to VIPUL SHIPYARD – Cortalim Goa to visit a ship for instructional purpose. This was on the 9th April 2016.

Although the ship was rather small in size (actually a barge) floating outside, a graving dry dock, in the river Zuari at Rassai. We were accompanied by Sir Lobo and Sir Gomes during this ship visit. They explained to us rudiments and the purpose of a ship visit. There we saw two graving docks, but none was occupied by any ship. The vessel was called ‘M.V. PARICH KALI’ it was a Passenger landing ship with a Bow Ramp meant for inland waterways navigation, registered under Indian Flag /IMS Class VI / Special Trade Passenger Vessel. This ship was very unique in the sense that it has no rudder, nor propeller. Its propulsion is by Twin water jet / Twin pump jet units.

On the Main deck, I had seen, Forward Mast, windlass and two Bower anchors and a ramp for embarking and disembarking. There was a passenger accommodation with 200 seats for passengers. I saw, bunker manifold along with overflow trays, to contain any bunker spill. Fire Hydrants, Fire Hoses and nozzles were also seen on the ship. Polypropylene mooring ropes and mooring bitts were also seen.

On the Monkey Island, I saw the Main Mast with a Christmas - Tree, radar scanners and wind sensor. Inside the Bridge, there were several bridge equipments. Within the accommodation, the crew cabins were very small. The galley too was very small. Inside the engine room, we saw MAIN ENGINE: 2 nos, 400-440 HP @ 1800 RPM, GEAR BOX: Reverse Reduction Gear Box of suitable ratio. WATER JETS / PUMP JETS: 2 Units Axial Flow with Reversible Buckets. DIESEL GENERATORS: 2 x 100 KVA, 415V BPH, 50 Hertz.

Though I would be seeing and serving on many bigger ships in future, I know I will always remember this day of my first ship visit during course of my training…….

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