Dickson J. D’souza Roll No: 7738, GP -37

19 Sep 2017

Dickson J. D’souza
Roll No: 7738, GP -1

As a career at sea is my passion, I have chosen to take the General Purpose (GP), training at the Sea Scan Maritime foundation at Chicalim Goa. As our curriculum includes that we should visit a ship, and visibly observe and learn some of the aspects of a ship.

This visit was scheduled to be on the 19th September 2017. Hublot Big Bang Replica Watches We were all excited and eagerly waiting for the said visit. We were to visit a ship ( a barge) in the building at a shipyard at Zorint-Sancoale Goa.

We all mustered at 8.45 a.m. waiting to be instructed regarding the ship visit. We were to be accompanied by our instructors: Sir. N.L.Singh, Sir Jaiswal, Shet and Sir Ashwin. We were given instructions about safety and our good conduct. We were to wear our boiler suits, safety shoes and safety helmet and carry our ID cards. Then we were ordered to sit in a quiet and disciplined manner and await further instructions about the ship visit.

Within about half an hour we were ferried to the ship visit site. On arrival at the jetty we were mustered again and the head count was taken. Thereafter we were split into 2 groups The first group was to visit the deck areas and the second group to visit engine areas and thereafter both were to interchange. The ship we were to visit was a ‘bunker barge’ SAGAR URMIKA under construction and registered in Mumbai. The ship was starboard side - alongside We boarded
the ship using MOT ladder. We were accompanied by our instructors all along and various ship parts were explained to us.

The deck equipments we got to observe were: The Main deck, Tank Dome, foxle, anchors, anchor chain, Windlass, Bollards, synthetic mooring ropes, Monkey island, forward mast, Christmas tree, sky light, sounding pipe, vent pipe, bunker manifold, cargo manifold, pump room, gate valve, water tight door, mushroom ventilators, fire hydrants, Plimsoll mark, load lines, draft marks, two propellers, propeller shafts at the stern (twin screw system), and twin rudders. The navigation bridge and its equipments were yet to be assembled.

The engine equipments we got to observe were: The main engine, propeller shaft, duplex filter, quick closing valves, centrifugal pump, boiler, chain block, emergency exit, sky light and funnel .

The galley equipments we got to observed were: galley, hotplate, a small provision store, mess room, wash basins, cabins and port holes replica watches etc.

We spent about 2 and half hours learning every aspect of ship’s parts, in the best possible way. We would have learnt many more things, if the ship’s construction was complete and ready. Nevertheless, whatever we saw gave us the specimen knowledge of the ship we visited. We returned to our academy affirming that we have to learn about ship and shipping throughout our lives.

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